• Some great sites to always have on file:

    1. lynda.com
    2. flickr.com
    3. abduzeedo.com
    4. adorama.com
    5. speedlighter.ca
    6. pocketwizard.wordpress.com
    7. theframesphotography.com (he he!)

Carlyn | Senior


Deal of the Day | Color Lens and Flash Filters

These are awesome. So cool. I found these while purchasing some other nifty items from Photojojo. You can get 8 ready to go, acrylic filters on a great little key ring for only $15! And here’s another great deal, when you spend $50 on photojojo, which is very easy I might add, you get free … Continue reading

Want to Be Featured?

Want your photos on our blog? Your name soared out into cyberspace without any effort? Send us some of your greatest work (send to theframesphotography@gmail.com) and we will sift though them all and feature one a week. Make sure to send us your website/blog/facebook fan page so that we can give you a proper shout … Continue reading

Project 365 | Photo-A-Day

So, I am sure that you have seen your friends on Facebook posting pictures every day in their 365 Album… They were not the first (not to knock your friends, or mine, for that matter). People have been doing this recently all around the world as a part of Project 365 that took flight in … Continue reading

Flickr | The Frames Photostream

Check out our photostream on Flickr for the best quality image viewing. That is where we will be randomly uploading whatever we think is interesting or freaking awesome. They will not all be shot all HQ with the mac-daddy cameras, but we believe that our Holgas, Polaroids and cell phone cameras can be just as interesting. … Continue reading

Canon Speedlight 580EX II

Best investment, well, ever? I think so… This nifty little guy will completely change how you shoot – forever. If you are a seasoned clicker, you probably never shoot with the built-in flash. If you are skeptical about this flash, don’t be. Check out Speedlight user Grant Gunderson. His photography will change the way you shoot. … Continue reading

Welcome to The Frames Photography Blog!

Welcome, welcome! This blog may be unconventional and random at times, not just a place to upload more pictures… 🙂 The best place to see all the most recent work in it’s entirety would be on our Facebook Fan Page! But if you ever need a good place for tips, websites that are awesome resources, … Continue reading